Hello. / by Stephanie Garay

Hi, hello and welcome to my first official post. I decided to keep things simple and let you guys get to know me, what I like and who I am.

Long story short...(or at least I'll try and make it a short story). I've been blogging since I was 21 and Zerotosixty is where it all started. Getting into the blogging world and seeing where it took me. I started zerotosixty as a place to share my knowledge with you guys. I'm a licensed hair stylist and make up artist. It was my go to place to share my tips and tricks with you, share my random thought and share all things beauty and fashion related. It was always an on and off again thing with posting new content and somedays I wasn't inspired. 

I truly believe that everything around you matters in what you do and inspires you. I had my good and bad days, sometimes bad overcame the good. So it was really hard for me to put my head in the game. But things change and things happen and always for a reason.

I'm now 26 and soon to be 27 next month. I'm in a completely new head space and feel good where I am and I finally feel together. I have an amazing boyfriend who supports me and pushes me (you'll see him here from time to time on our travel adventures). In two months I'll be somewhere completely new from where I sit on my bed currently typing this and I can't wait. 

I hope you tag along for whats to come and follow me else where to say hello :)