New Adventure / by Stephanie Garay

Hey guys! So a lot has been going on recently. My blog is still so new since I relaunched it... Hello to my new followers and welcome back to everyone who is still following me. Im working really hard on keeping up with new content and posting twice a week if possible but that might change depending on my schedule. 

I will be moving in just a few days and packing has been stressful but I'm almost done. I might be MIA for abit in a couple of days since I will be road tripping/ exploring. I would love some feedback from you guys, here or on instagram, telling me what you guys are interested in seeing. Of course in my about me I explain what my blog is all about but I would like to hear what you would love to be apart of on my blog. Beauty, music, fashion, food, art and everything else that makes us happy.

For now that is all. If you would like to see my adventure and my pit stops along the way, you can always say hello and follow along on my instagram @wild.native :)