Red Rock Canyon / by Stephanie Garay

Dan and I took a little trip away from unpacking last week and headed to Las Vegas. It was my first time there and the red rocks is where it's at. I loved the desert, plants and just how peaceful it felt (even with so many tourists). We had such an incredible day and the weather was perfect. We spent the day hiking and taking a ton of photos. If you've never been out there, you should totally put the Red Rock Canyon on your bucket list. 

With the time difference and late nights, there was no doubt that I needed my coffee while I was in Vegas. I found this perfect coffee shop, Vesta Coffee Roasters, which is right up my alley. Thanks to Instagram, it's so easy to find cool places while you're on vacation. The vibe was super chill and the baristas were so nice! I love a good environment like that, it feels like a second home. 

Our trip started out in Downtown Las Vegas, right on Fremont Street and only stayed there two nights. We then closed up the trip at the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino. We spent our time there relaxing and enjoying the last few days while trying to win some money. Our goal was to have fun and not take things to seriously. It was definitely an experience. I'd choose the desert over flashy lights on the strip any day.