Glossier Beauty / by Stephanie Garay

I'm a big fan when it comes to beauty. I'm kind of a beauty junkie, but you would be surprised I don't have much of a makeup stash. I keep it pretty minimal and stick to the basics of what I really need. As I've gotten older I'm more aware of the ingredients of what I put on my face. Is it a clean makeup or skincare product? Are their any harsh ingredients that you shouldn't be putting on your face? Do they test on animals? These are all things I care about, and as a vegan I read every ingredient. 

I've currently been obsessing over everything glossier. I've tried out a lot of their products, not all but some that have caught my attention. Some are vegan/some aren't. The first product I ever purchased was their masks. I wasn't a big fan at first, but I don't let a product go to waste (this was before going green with my beauty products).

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack (which is vegan) is commonly described as a juice cleanse for your face. So why not treat your body right from the inside and out. It's made with natural ingredients. I love that it balances and conditions pores while also calming any inflammation you might have. It does leave your skin matte and clean so it's a must to moisturize after. It's also one of my favorites because it's a gentle mask that does so much for your skin. You might think it's harsh since it is a mask that draws out impurities and detoxifies, but it isn't and its awesome if you need a mask for a night of relaxing. 

Moisturizing Moon Mask: this is for sure a great mask for hydration after detoxifying your skin. Its brightening and plumps the skin up with hydration to help smooth any fine lines you might have. Its great for all skin types.

Perfecting Skin Tint (vegan): more skin, less makeup is right. This is what I love about glossier. Their skin tint is my go to for my every day look. It evens out my skin tone with any discoloration I might have. This formula is super thin and breathable which is the best part. Its not a full coverage tint, so if you need something full coverage, this wouldn't be your best friend. 


Phase 1 Set: This is a great start before your makeup because it has everything for a perfect base. It's all about hydration and prepping the skin first. It comes with three basics; a cleanser, moisturizer and balm.

1. Milky Jelly Cleanser (vegan):  Perfect daily face wash (I keep mine in the shower to start my morning). Its a Ph balanced formula and has a gel consistency. After using this product it leaves your skin super soft and clean. Using it everyday believe it or not it will never leave your skin tight or dry. One of my favorite things about this cleanser is that its so gentle that it won't irritate your eyes and it does the job of getting rid of all your makeup off and leaving your skin super clean. Plus it smells pretty nice. 

2. Priming Moisturizer: A great start to prep your makeup. It's super hydrating, plumps up your skin and helps minimize the appearance of pores. It also has a anti-redness complex which helps soothe and even your skin tone. This product is great and has some good key ingredients but it isn't vegan. I am using up the rest of what I have and then searching for a new alternative.

3. Balm dot Calm: Its a hydrating balm and its a multipurpose product which is what I love. It comes in many flavors and you can put it all over your body, if you wanted to (lol). It's moisturizing, soothing, and conditioning. Overall a great product.


Stretch Concealer: A buildable formula that you can always touch up through out the day. It definitely doesn't cover dark circles but it works great if you don't need to much coverage or if you wanna use it just to correct a few blemishes on your face instead of wearing full on foundation. It comes in many different shades and leaves a dewy fresh look. It works best when you warm up the product first and apply with fingers!

Boy Brow: Fluffer, filler, shaper. Personal favorite for thickening my brows and filling in. Its a creamy wax formula. It comes in a few shades. It works great if you have a fuller brow already because then you don't need to fuss with it too much.

Cloud Paint: Makes blush so much easier. Its sheer and buildable, a little bit of cloud paint goes a long way. Its a fun product because you can mix each one to make your own blush color if you want to get more creative. It gives your cheeks a nice plumping healthy flushed glow which I love.


These are the few products that I have tried from Glossier. I love my vegan options and it's sad that a lot more of their products aren't vegan friendly. All their products are cruelty-free which is great but going a step further wouldn't hurt. 

Here are a few more VEGAN friendly items from them.

1. Soothing Face Mist

2. The Supers- Super Glow, Super Pure, and Super Bounce.

3. Generation G (Lip Tint)